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“Every time I come in I am always greeted, I go to pay my title loan and they remember my name, I always refer my family and friends, I love this place. The title loan girls are great, they go above and beyond my expectations each time, they also buy out title loans from other company’s, check them out!“. - Kary S.













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Top Arizona Auto Title Loan Provider, Pawn Shops and Jewelry Buyers!

We offer Arizona Auto Title Loans, Cash Loans, Bad Credit Loans & Pawn Shops in Phoenix, Surprise, Goodyear, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert & Tempe.  An Arizona Installment Title Loan Provider.





Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loans

Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loans provide pawn shops  and title loans in Phoenix, Surprise, Glendale, Goodyear, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert and Tempe Arizona. We are High Paying Pawn Shops, Title Loan Providers and Cash Loan specialists. Who are among the top Jewelry Buyers, Electronics Buyers, Gun Buyers, Gold Buyers, Art buyers and Antique buyers in Arizona. We are highly unique! Aside from buying, selling and loaning on anything of value our pawn shops also offer short-term cash loans such as Auto Title Loans, Registration Loans and Personal Loans. We now have 11 Locations where we strive to be pawn shops, pawnbrokers and auto title loan specialists you can trust, where instant cash is always available with as many short term collateral loan options as possible. Our superior customer service is unmatched in the industry because we believe in building a relationship with you 1st.  We are experts in the Pawnbroker, Title Loan and Cash Loan industries, always giving you the most amount of cash possible. If you’re looking for a great deal on a variety of merchandise or need a short term personal cash loan visit us in Phoenix or any one of our locations in the greater Phoenix Arizona area. Also check out our new pawn shop, jewelry and title loan center in Surprise Arizona!


The Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loan Difference

We pride ourselves on the fact that most people feel they’re walking into a community cash loan center or bank. Rather than a typical pawn shop, pawnbroker or auto title loan company. We strive to pay more, for diamond, gold and silver jewelry than our competitors and have a wider variety of new, used and unique items for sale. Our pawn shop and auto title loan centers are clean, organized and above all welcoming to folks from all walks of life. Whether you need instant cash for bills, or its just a rough month, Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loans are here to help. We will offer you a hassle free loan with unbelievable customer service, and you will walk out with cash.  NO CASH LIMITS!!!!! 


We BUY OUT Existing Arizona Title Loans at all of our Loan Agencies offering Title Loans.

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Our Title Loan Services

If you are facing a financial crunch—or simply need a cash loan fast to pay a bill or deal with an unexpected situation, you may find yourself looking at auto title loans as an option. However, what exactly IS a title loan? Learn more about what they are exactly, and you will better understand how it can be an important piece to put into your financial puzzle.

Title Loans are a Cash Loan Option for Vehicle Owners

The biggest benefit of a title loan is the cash convenience. Especially at Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loans. If you own your car and have your title in hand, you only need to pass a few more qualifications to borrow today and keep driving your vehicle. For many people who may not qualify for a traditional loan, this can be a big help!

Our Title Loans are Easy

Another benefit of auto title loans is that you can walk in and walk out with cash shortly after the paperwork is complete. This ease of access is important because if you are like us, you have a very busy life! Sure, you could apply for a bank loan, but that process requires average credit plus time and you may not hear back with your results for days if not longer.

Our Title Loans are Easy to Pay Back

While not every title loan is the same, here at Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loans, we make it easy for you to pay back your loan and avoid getting in over your head. Our new title loan payment structure means that with every payment you are paying down your principle as well as the interest.

Our Title Loans Can Help in a Pinch

While you may not WANT to take out one of our other cash loans, it is nice that the option is there for you. If you are facing a financial crisis that you cannot solve on your own, a title loan is a great solution. At Pawn1st, our lenders consistently offer more than the competition so you can relax and know that you will get your problem resolved.

What Do You Need to Qualify for Our Auto Title Loans?

All you basically need is a clear title. You will get to keep the car. Please visit our title loan requirements page for other minor qualifications. You will also need to bring the vehicle in when you apply so that we can record the condition of the vehicle. After we have recorded a few important facts, we’ll be able to issue you a check or other payment on the spot. So, if you would like more information about auto title loans, or you want an estimate as to what we can do for you, call or contact our team at Pawn1st Title today!



Our Pawn Shop Services

The basic premise of a Pawn1st Pawn Shop or Pawnbroker is simple. The fact is Pawnbrokers existed long before banking institutions became an everyday part of our society. The Pawnbroker has a license to loan money to consumers, just like the banker does. But the pawn shop is unique because the consumer can obtain a loan by simply leaving collateral (merchandise of some value). Usually for 90 days or less. If the customer repays the loan within the allowable time frame, the collateral (merchandise) is returned to the customer. If the customer defaults on the loan (does not pay the money back), at the end of the specified time frame, the pawnbroker then keeps the collateral — and the customers owe nothing. The pawnbroker may then sell the merchandise (former collateral) to recover the loaned amount.

Pawn Shops are a Different Type of Lending

Unlike other financial institutions, leaving collateral with the pawn shop acts as the sole condition of the loan. The customer does not need to qualify for a loan by having good credit, a bank account, produce a current pay stub or provide any references. All the customer needs to do is provide acceptable identification and collateral (merchandise of value) to the pawnbroker as protection against default on the loan.

Pawn Shop Regulations

Most states including Arizona regulate the pawn industry quite closely. These regulations protect both the customer and the pawn shops. At Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loans, we support the pawn laws in the states in which we do business, and we will always remain in compliance.

Our Loan Centers are Everywhere!

In addition to being Top Jewelry Buyers and Auto Title Loan specialists we pride ourselves on being educated in all forms of the Pawnbroker industry as well as all collateral items that flow through our stores. If you have any pawn shop related questions, we are conveniently spread out in the Phoenix area with 11 Arizona locations. We service all of Phoenix, Surprise, Avondale, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Goodyear, Glendale, Sun City, Peoria, El Mirage, Apache Junction, Deer Valley, Fountain Hills and Buckeye. Also Carefree, Cave Creek, El Mirage, Gila Bend, Litchfield Park, Maricopa, Paradise Valley, Queen Creek, Tolleson and Chandler Arizona.

We go the Extra Mile!

All Pawn Shop, Title loan and Jewelry Buying transactions must take place at one of our centers; however, we will come to you in certain instances to see and evaluate items of collateral. For example, if you have multiple vehicles, you need a title loan on or an art collection your nervous about moving. These visits are on a case by case basis, please contact the closest Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loan location for availability. Come in or call us TODAY! We are only a few minutes away. Thanks for visiting our website!



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